About Us

Who is behind easyAllocate ?

easyAllocate was designed and built by 30000feet, a web application developer on the east coast of Australia. It was launched in 2012 and has been improving ever since.

The reason that we have been able to build such a great piece of software is not down to us – but rather our customers. We listened (and continue to listen) to them. They are the ones who know their business inside out and they tell us what their pain points are, and where their inefficiencies are. All we have to do is listen, and then architect a solution.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are large enough to be able to provide a solution to large companies and yet still small enough to answer the phone, talk your language and answer your questions quickly.

While we believe that our product is the best in the market, what really sets us apart is our customer service and our business model. We understand that if you like the software and you feel that we are looking after you, then you will tell people about us – and that keeps our business going. Also unlike some competitors, we are not all about tying you into a long term contract that keeps going up as you grow. We sell a solution – not a number of seats – whether you grow or not, you only pay for the functionality you need.

So, please give us a call and let us talk to you about your business and how we may be able to help.

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